FAQ on Core Banking

1.   What is Core Banking?

Core Banking is the system of providing the enhanced banking facilities through a network of interconnected branches enabling the customer to transact from any of the branch within the network. The customer gets associated to the bank globally and freely transact from any branch of thebank.

2.   What are the enhanced facilities under Core Banking?

–   Core Banking enables the customer to transact from any networked branch globally.

–   Cash transactions can be done from any of the bank’s ATM.

–   Internet Banking facility

–   Mobile Banking facility

3.   Will my account number change under the Core Banking Solution?

The account number will undergo change in the Core Banking solution as it will be a unique number throughout the bank. Please contact your branch to collect the new account number.

4.  What are the Delivery Channels?

Delivery Channels refer to the Alternate banking channels like ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile banking and Telebanking. They enable you to perform  banking operations from the comfort of your home,24X7, online and real time.

5.   Can I Withdraw /Deposit cash from any of the CBS branches of BOB throughout Bhutan?


6.   Can I withdraw cash from any of the BOB ATMs through out Bhutan?


7.   What are Sweep In/Sweep Out facilities?

Sweep In/Sweep Out facility enables you to automatically transfer funds between your accounts as and when balance reaches a stipulated amount.

8.   What is Customer ID?

Customer ID is the unique identification number provided to you by the bank. All your accounts will be associated to this ID and you are expected to quote this ID in all correspondence with the bank.

9.   Can I transfer funds instantly to other CBS accounts?

Yes, you can transfer funds instantly to other CBS accounts of the bank by giving a request at the branch or even from the comfort of your home with   the help of Internet banking

FAQ on Internet Banking and SMS Banking

What are the facilities offered through Internet/Mobile Banking?

The facilities available under Internet banking are :

1. Account Enquiries

2.   Check book Request

3.   Stop Cheque Payment

4.   Cheque Status Enquiry

5.   Own Account Fund Transfer

6.   Internal Fund Transfer

7.   Customer services

8.   Beneficiary Maintenance

9.   Loan Repayment

Facilities available under Mobile Banking are:

1.   Account Balance

2.   Adhoc Statement Request

3.   Cheque Book Request

4.   Stop Cheque Payment

5.   Cheque Status Inquiry

How do I avail the Internet/Mobile banking facility?

The Internet/Mobile banking facility can be availed by submitting the application form at the branch.

What is the eligibility for Internet/Mobile banking facility?

All the literate accounts maintaining minimum balance are eligible for Internet/Mobile banking.

What are the charges for Internet/Mobile banking?

As of now, there are no charges for these facilities.

How do I receive the User ID/Password?

The User ID and password must be collected from the branch personally.

What is the Internet Banking website?

The access Internet Banking website please go to http://www.bob.bt and Click on Internet Banking Button

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