Mobile & Agency Banking (M-BoB)

Mobile & Agency Banking (M-BoB)

M-BoB is available for all mobile phone users – ranging from character-based mobile phones to the latest smart phones. M-BoB App is available for the smart phones with the operating system as listed below; while other phone users can use it by dialing *262# i.e. through USSD:

Android: OS – Version 2.1 or Higher
Windows: OS – Version 8.0 and 8.1
Blackberry Java: OS – Version 5.0 or Higher
BBz10: OS – Version 10.0 or Higher
iPhone: OS – Version 6.1 or Higher

M-BoB app can be downloaded from App Store (IPhone & ipad users) Play Store (Android users) Windows Store (Windows users) Blackberry World (Blackberry users).

How to register by the customers residing overseas.

For the Customers residing overseas to register for M-BoB services you  will have to fill in the MOBILE BANKING REGISTRATION FORM, which is available at the bottom of the page and mail it to “[email protected] from your registered email id.


Please note that if you have not updated your email id in our database, then you will have to update your customer information file (CIF) with us and to update your CIF you can visit the link on our website and you can mail the duly filled in form [email protected]. Upon receiving the CIF form, we will update the details in our system. Once the CIF is updated in our system, then your M-BoB service will be activated and the user credentials will be sent to your registered email id within 2 to 3 working days.

View M-BoB Terms and Conditions

Benefits of using M-BoB:

  • Banking at anytime and from anywhere using your personal mobile phone.
  • Easy funds transfers to any other BoB account and mobile phones.
  • Easy bill payments – electricity, telephone, loan EMI, credit card, water (BoB will keep on adding more Billers in M-BoB and also make it real time in future).
  • Payments at BoB Merchants (hotels, restaurants, groceries, shops, taxis etc.) can be done through your mobile phones.
  • Includes services that were available in Internet Banking, SMS Banking and B-Wallet.
  • Get your account statements for more than 5 transactions to 2 years in your registered email whenever required.
  • With Agency Banking, banking will be available at places where there are no BoB branch offices or ATMs.


Registration is free for all services. For most services, there are no charges. However, minimal monthly service charges are charged as shown below for M-BoB.

Category Limit Charges in Nu. (Per Month)
General 1 ≤ 100,000   10
Silver 1 ≤ 500,000   50
Gold 1 ≤ No Limit  100


M-BoB is a very secure service since no data can be stored on your mobile phones and every data is encrypted for transfers. It comes with secured M-Pin, T-Pin and security questions.

  • Start Banking
  • FOREX Rates
  • Interest Rates
  • Loan EMI Calculator
  • FAQ
  1. Start Banking
  • My Account
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Mini statement
    • Full Statement
  • Funds Transfer
    • My Own Account
    • Other BoB Account
    • Any Mobile
    • Donation
    • Add Beneficiary
    • Delete Beneficiary
  • Payments
    • Bills Payment
      • Credit Card Bill
      • Bhutan Telecom
        • Landline Bill
        • Mobile Postpaid Bill
        • Broadband Postpaid Bill
        • Leased Line Bill
    • Utility Bills Payment
      • Electricity
      • Water
        • Thimphu Thromde
    • Merchant Payment
      • Initiate Payment
      • Payment request status
    • Tax
      • Land Tax
        • Thimphu Thromde
    • Loan EMI
      • BoB
      • NPPF
  • Recharge
    • Airtime Top-up
      • BT & TashiCell
    • Broadband Prepaid
      • BT & TashiCell
  • Cash Payout & Cash In
    • BoB Agent
  • Others
    • Standing Order
      • Add Standing Order
      • List Standing Order
      • Delete Standing Order

o    Cardless withdraw from BoB ATMs

    • Request
      • Cheque Book Request
      • Stop Cheque
      • Cheque Status
      • Credit Card Request
      • Block Card
      • Loan Request
  • My Profile
    • Change M-PIN
    • Change T-PIN
    • Set Security Question
  • View Interest rates for BoB deposit products
  • Calculate Loan EMI
  • Check Account balance
  • Check last five transactions
  • Get account statement for upto 2 years
  • Funds transfers to your own account, beneficiary account, any other BoB account.
  • Create and delete beneficiary for easy funds transfers
  • Bill payments (currently real time payment to NPPF and offline to Bhutan Telecom, Thimphu Thromde, BPC)
  • Airtime top-up to B-Mobile & TashiCell numbers
  • Offline recharges for Bhutan Telecom Broadband services
  • Payment through your mobile phones at BoB Merchants i.e. hotels, shops, restaurants, taxis registered as BoB Merchant
  • Create, modify and delete Standing Orders
  • Request for Cheque book, stop cheque, status of cheque
  • Apply for credit card.
  • Update your M-BoB profile i.e. change in your M-PIN, T-PIN and security questions

Download Mobile Banking registration form

Download Change request form

Click here to access Mobile Banking through Web

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