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Under SMS Pull or SMS request facility, the user must send a SMS with a specified keyword to the BOBSMS number – 6868

The bank will send a reply SMS with the message conveying the requested facility.

Following are the services provided under the Request facility as of now:

1. Balance inquiry

2. Statement of Last three transaction

3. Cheque Book Request

4. Cheque status inquiry

5. Stop Cheque Payment

The keywords to be send in SMS are:

1. BOBHLP – Help – To get help on other keywords.

Type BOBHLP and send to 6868

2. BOBBAL – Balance Inquiry – To get the balance of your accounts registered with SMS banking.

Type BOBBAL space followed by the account number and send to 6868

3. BOBTXN – Last Three Transaction – To get the statement of last three transactions

Type BOBTXN space followed by the account number and send to 6868

4. BOBCBR – Cheque Book Request – To request for issue of Cheque book. Please note that the cheque book must be collected from your branch after 24 hours.

Type BOBCBR space followed by the account number and send to 6868

5. BOBCSI – Cheque Status Inquiry – To know the status of a Cheque. The status are displayed as Used, Unused or Stopped.

Type BOBCSI space followed by the account number and Cheque number and send to 6868

6. BOBSCP – Stop Cheque Payment- To stop the payment of a cheque already issued. Please note that this facility is online and the status of the cheque is immediately changed to Stopped.

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