Bank Guarantee

Bank of Bhutan provides support to facilitate fast growth of your business, whenever you need. You may avail the guarantee in quick time from bank against 100% cash margin or against sufficient collateral charged with bank or counter guaranteed by our relationship bank. Bank has recently waived off 10% retention money for the issuance of Bank Guarantee.


  • Any individual/firm/contract agencies holding valid business license

  • Anyone who can provide 100% cash margin money or having sufficient collateral charged with BoB or counter guaranteed by our relationship banks


As per the security(s) backed and counter guarantees provided.


  • Within Bhutan – 12 months on renewal basis

  • Outside Bhutan- Counter Guarantee (CG) from international banks, will be as per their client’s request

Required Documents

  • Bank guarantee application form

  • Counter Guarantee form

  • Asset and liability details

  • Valid License copy

  • Identity Card copy

  • Invitation of BID details/letter of work awarded details/contract agreement details

  • For inward BGs (bank guarantees) for and behalf of outside parties Counter guarantee from accepted banks

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  • Write to us at: [email protected]
  • Request Callback:+975