Domestic Credit Card

The Visa Domestic Credit Card is specially designed for use within Bhutan, India and Nepal for making payment at merchant outlets. The card is accepted at all Visa enabled POS and ATM terminals.


  • Facilitates cashless travel

  • Create your own Green PIN

  • Buy now, pay later, enjoy up to 45 days of interest free credit

  • Flexible repayment with minimum amount of only 25% of monthly outstanding balance

  • Easy shopping and merchant payments

  • Secured Credit Card e-Statement service

  • 24/7 account enquiry through online access

  • Instant email alert service for every transaction

Application Process

  • Download application

  • Submit application with all the required documents listed in the application form to any of the Bank of Bhutan Branch Offices


  • Any Bhutanese between the age of 18 to 70 years with a legitimate repayment source.

  • Salaried employees with minimum net take home pay of Nu.10,040/-


  • Valid in Bhutan, India and Nepal Only

  • Point of Sale terminals, Online purchases and Visa ATMs


  • Convenient re-payment methods including Auto Debit, Internet Banking, mBoB and Cash Payment


  • Maximum Card limit –Nu.150,000/-

  • The amount of credit you are eligible for (your credit limit), is calculated based on your financial and personal details provided with the Card application. If the credit limit is higher than you need, you can ask for it to be reduced.

  • You can increase your card limit against a collateral such as fixed assets, lien against deposit in CASA account, Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit account.


  • Secured by the latest EMV Standard-Chip and PIN for ATM and POS transaction and with Verified by Visa(vbv) for Online purchase

  • Bank of Bhutan EMV Credit Card comes embedded with microchip, which provides additional security against counterfeiting/duplication of the card. It also provides an extra layer of security with Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Fees and Charges

Fee Particulars Amount
Issuance – Primary Card Nu. 500 per Card (w.e.f 1st July 2019 till further notice)
Issuance – Add on card Nu.500 per Card
Annual Fee – Primary Card Nu.999 per Card
Annual Fee – Add on Card Nu.299 per Card
Replacement Fee Nu.200 per Card
Interest on Revolving Credit 2.5% of Outstanding
Late payment Fee Nu.200 or 0.5% of Outstanding Amount, whichever is higher
Over limit Fee Nu.200 or 0.5% of Over Limit Amount, whichever is higher
Cash Advances/
1.5% per month on withdrawal amount. Interest will be charge from the day of withdrawal till receipt of payment. However,
no interest on withdrawal of cash from credit balances.
Cash withdrawal Fee
  1. Nu.300 or 3% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher (at other Visa ATMs)
  2. Nu.200 or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher (at BOB ATMs)
ATM Balance inquiry Fee Nu. 50 per transaction
Card Validity 3 Years
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