New Currencies

To commemorate the Coronation of the 5th Druk Gyalpo of Bhutan, the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan releases notes of Nu.1000 and Nu.50 denominations into circulation. To facilitate easy recognition of the basic features of the new notes by the general public, the images of the notes bearing description of the basic security features are given below:


  • D-plex printing raised print that can be felt on touch.

  • ESP lettering a form of micro lettering that appears to be a thin line to the naked eye but are tiny inscriptions reading name of the issuing Authority Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan under magnification.

  • Intaglio printing Raised or tactile print which can be felt on touch.

  • Intaglio Micro-lettering is raised wording printed in a small type that looks like a plain solid line to the naked eye but legible under magnification.

  • Iridescent Peak/peak feature Reveals the respective numeric denominations 1000 and 50 in both Dzongkha & English when viewed from certain angles.

  • Gold Iridescent band It is a shimmery stripe printed across the reverse of the note with special ink and the stripe changes colour from different viewing angles.

  • Magnetic Numbering Serial numbering with magnetic ink for machine readability.

  • FIT Medal Depicting the national emblem in gold yellow with raised/tactile print.

  • Portrait (halftone) a computer assisted engraving technique that allows for more precise and accurate engraving of structures to generate portraits with rich details and fine shades. Besides generating photorealistic portraits, it renders the portrait more tactile for security purposes.

  • Recognition marks for the blind printed with raised tactility to assist recognition of the denomination of the note by the visually impaired.

  • Watermark (3-Dimensional mould-made watermark) depicting, when viewed against the light, the portrait of His Majesty which is a replica of the portrait on the note.

  • Windowed security thread A strip of material within the body of the note that runs from one long edge to the other. The thread is totally embedded on the obverse and appears as one continuous line when viewed against the light but is alternatively visible on the reverse with the inscriptions RMA, 1000 in texts.

  • Security thread an imbedded strip of material running vertically down through the middle of the note and can be viewed when the note is held against the light.

  • Optically variable Ink (OVI) A Shimmery twin effect. When viewed from two different angles, a distinct change between two contrasting colours is seen.

Series 2008 both denominations bear the wordings Series 2008 on the obverse side to denote the year of their release.