Prepaid Card

Get simplicity and convenience when you choose Bank of Bhutan Prepaid Card. Forget the hassles of carrying cash. Bank of Bhutan offers you a complete bouquet of prepaid cards providing payment solutions at your fingertips.


  • No transaction fees

  • Accepted in MasterCard enabled ATMs and POS terminals in India

  • Manage your card online

  • Create your own Green PIN

  • Instant email alert service for every transaction


  • All Bhutanese having Citizenship Identity Card


  • Accepted in ATMs and POS terminals in India only

  • Select Any Account type while withdrawing Cash from ATM


  • Load amount on the card at any Branch Offices


  • INR 50,000/- per month with no daily limit restriction


  • Secured by the latest EMV Standard-Chip and PIN

  • Bank of Bhutan EMV Credit Card comes embedded with microchip, which provides additional security against counterfeiting/duplication of the card. It also provides an extra layer of security with Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Fees and Charges

Fees Schedule Nu.
One Time Issuance Fee Nu.300/- per Card
Replacement/Renewal Fee Nu.150/- per Card
Top-up Fee Nu. 150/- per Load/Reload irrespective of the amount
Refund Charges Nu.100/-
Balance Enquiry Nu.20/- per Transaction
Card validity Revised from existing 3 years to 2 years
with effect from 1st August 2017