Forex Remittances


1. Inward Remittance
2. Outward Remittance

Inward Remittance

The Inward Remittances Funds can be received in the following ways:

  • Swift Transfer-All foreign currency Inward fund transfer can be transferred from our correspondent Bank and other banks via swift routing through our Correspondent Bank. Kindly route the funds transfer through our correspondent banks to safe charges and for safer transactions.

  • RTGS / INR Remittance– Real Time Gross Settlement- The INR inward Funds can be remitted from branches of State Bank of India/Associate Banks, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal bank Limited, UTI Bank, HDFC Bank Limited, Axis Bank Limited and Centurion Bank by means of RTGS, swift, deposits .

  • Foreign Drafts– The inward remittances is also received through Foreign Drafts. We purchase the foreign drafts and send on collections.

Outward Remittance

The outward remittances can be transferred in following ways:

  • SWIFT- The outward remittances can be transferred to any part of the world via SWIFT. We remit funds for business, medical, allowances, studies, Imports etc.

  • RTGS / INR Remittance– INR rupee can be remitted through RTGS; we remit RTGS through our correspondent Bank-State Bank of India and Axis Bank Limited to any Banks in India.

  • Foreign Drafts- We issue foreign drafts expressed in foreign currency, moreover we are issued INR drafts in the form of Bankers Cheque, Multi city cheque to remit funds to India.