Corporate Governance


Our vision is “To be the nation’s preferred financial institution”, the fundamental requirement to achieve our vision is to portray highest professional standards and render our services with due diligence and integrity. The bank’s code of business is guided by its core values expressed as CARES. Click on Our Board tab know more about our board structure

Click on the Board Committees tab know more about our board composition.

Click on the AML/CFT Reporting tab read about our policy and procedures in adherence with the Global initiatives in the fight against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorists.

Click on the Business Integrity Policy of the Bank of Bhutan.

Click on the Annual Reports & Disclosure tab to get access to our latest financial reports and disclosures.

Click on the Corporate Governance FAQ’s tab to learn about the board compensation and management level ownership

Click on the BoB IS Policy to know about the Information Security Policy of the Bank of Bhutan