Tender No.: 000/BoB/Tender/2016/003 dated 13/05/2016

BoBL invites sealed bids from national firms/dealers with valid trade license for “SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MULTI FUNCTION MACHINE (NOTE COUNTING, SORTING & DETECTING)’’:-

Bids details:
1. Sale of bid documents:

From 13/05/2016 to 10/06/2016

2. Cost of documents:

Nu. 1000.00 (Non-refundable)

3. Place of sale:

BoBL, Head Office, Thimphu (during office hours)

4. Last date of submission:

10/06/2016(1300 hrs)

5. Place of submission:

BoBL, Corporate Office, Thimphu, Babesa

6. Opening date:

10/06/2016 (1500 hrs)

7. Venue for opening of bid

BoBL, Head Office, Thimphu, Babesa

The bid document can be obtained from the above office or click here to download. Any bidder who has not registered or has not paid the cost of bidding document prior to sale closing date will not be permitted to submit their bid document.