Tender for Supply & delivery of BoB staff and guard and uniform
Bank of Bhutan invites you to submit your priced bid for the following items:

LOT 1: Male Uniform
a) Design Gho
b) Plain Gho (Black)

Lot 2: Female Uniform
a) Khira
b) Tego
c) Wooju

Lot 3: Uniform
a) Shirt & Pant (Grey Black)
b) Jarsey (Black)
c) Jacket with BoB Logo
d) Web Belt
e) DMS Boot
f) Beret Cap (Black) with BoB Logo Badge
g) Shoulder Flap with metel letter
h) Lynard
i) Leather belt(Black) eith buckle & BoB Logo
j) Fifth King’s Badge

Click here to download the Bidding Document