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Notification on ATM Withdrawal Charge

All customers are requested to note that cash withdrawals from other bank’s ATM machines are chargeable @Nu 9/- per withdrawal transaction from the sixth transaction onwards, and is recovered at each month end. This is a common charge across banks and as mandated by the Central Bank.

Bank of Bhutan Limited announces the sale of the following old furniture and fixtures, computers and IT Peripherals, Equipment and Machinery through Sealed Bid on or before 15th April 2024 at 02:00 PM.

The detail of items in Branch Offices are as follows:

SNLocationLOTNo of ItemsRemarksContact NoRemarks
1Phuntsholing Main BranchLOT 1- PMB36LOT 1- Computer & IT Peripherals                  
LOT 2- Equipment & Machineries
LOT 3- Furniture & Fixtures                         
Damber Kumar Chhetri- 97517675922Scrap
LOT 3- PMB25
2Samdrup Jongkhar BranchLOT 1- SJB2Dadul- 97517151522Scrap
LOT 2- SJB11
3Jomotshangkha E-BranchLOT 1- J/kha E-B7Rinzin Chophel-97517581833Scrap
LOT 2- J/kha E-B1
LOT 3- J/kha E-B1
4Gelephu BranchLOT 1- G/phu B9Lodre Gyeltshen-97517788855Scrap
LOT 2- G/phu B4
LOT 3- G/phu B13
5Tsimasham BranchLOT 1- T/sham B6Sangay Tenzin-97517669899Scrap
LOT 2- T/sham B6
LOT 3- T/sham B4
6Samtse BranchLOT 1- Sam B9Prakash Timsina-97517940181Scrap
LOT 2- Sam B2
LOT 3- Sam B12
7Trashigang BranchLOT 1- T/gang B6Kinga Pelzang-97517750482Scrap
8Damphu BranchLOT 1- D/phu B4Goma Devi Bhattarai-97577652871Scrap
LOT 2- D/phu B8
LOT 3- D/phu B17
9Gomtu BranchLOT 1- G/tu B5Chencho Nidup-97517280430Scrap
LOT 3- G/tu B6
10Mongar BranchLOT 1- M/gar B2Deepak Kumar Khati-97517969738Scrap
LOT 2- M/gar B2
LOT 3- M/gar B6
SNLocationLOTNo of ItemsRemarksContact NoRemarks
11Bumthang BranchLOT 1- B/thang B6LOT 1- Computer & IT Peripherals                  
LOT 2- Equipment & Machineries
LOT 3- Furniture & Fixtures                           
Karma Choidup- 97517688384Scrap
LOT 2- B/thang B7
LOT 3- B/thang B1
12Wangdi BranchLOT 1- W/di B7Chador Wangdi-97517667433Scrap
LOT 3- W/di B6
13Paro BranchLOT 1- Paro B6Jigme Thinley- 97517285956Scrap
LOT 3- Paro B11
14Trongsa BranchLOT 1- T/sa B8Kalpana Sunar-97517682538Scrap
LOT 2- T/sa B1
LOT 3- T/sa B20
15Haa BranchLOT 2- Haa B2Tandin Tshewang-97517676819Scrap
16Gedu BranchLOT 1- Gedu B13Devi Raj Ghalley-97517687145Scrap
LOT 2- Gedu B7
LOT 3- Gedu B24
17Zhemgang BranchLOT 1- Z/gang B5Sonam Gyeltshen-97517610882Scrap
18Lhuentse BranchLOT 3- L/tse B3Dorji Wangchuk-97517666400Scrap
19Punakha BranchLOT 1- P/kha B5Dorji Pelden-97517747019Scrap
20Pemagatshel BranchLOT 1- P/gatshel B5Pelden Gyeltshen-97517663593Scrap
LOT 2- P/gatshel B4
LOT 3- P/gatshel B1
21Sarpang BranchLOT 1- S/pang B4Kunzang Dorji-97517315554Scrap
LOT 2- S/pang B1
22Dagana BranchLOT 1- D/na B5Tenzin Dorji-97517597506Scrap
LOT 2- D/na B6
LOT 3- D/na B5
23Dewathang BranchLOT 1- D/thang B1Phurpa Dorji-97517576503Scrap
LOT 2- D/thang B1
LOT 3- D/thang B13
24Trashiyangtse BranchLOT 1- T/yangtse B12Tashi Norbu-97517526057Scrap
LOT 2- T/yangtse B3
LOT 3- T/yangtse B8
25Nganglam BranchLOT 1- N/lam B4Ugyen Zangmo-97517722178Scrap
LOT 2- N/lam B1
LOT 3- N/lam B1
SNLocationLOTNo of ItemsRemarksContact NoRemarks
26Gasa BranchLOT 1- Gasa B2LOT 1- Computer & IT Peripherals                  
LOT 2- Equipment & Machineries
LOT 3- Furniture & Fixtures                           
Kinzang Dorji-97517610224Scrap
LOT 2- Gasa B3
LOT 3- Gasa B3
27Samdrup Choling BranchLOT 1- S/Choling B7Sandeep Kumar Khati-97517661889Scrap
LOT 2- S/Choling B1
LOT 3- S/Choling B4
28Panbang BranchLOT 1- P/bang B2Tshewang Tashi-97517850180Scrap
LOT 2- P/bang B1
LOT 3- P/bang B7
29Sipsu BranchLOT 1- Sipsu B2Ugyen Lhamo-97517665257Scrap
LOT 2- Sipsu B5
LOT 3- Sipsu B5
30Wamrong BranchLOT 1- W/rong B1Nenzer Delma-97517768957Scrap
LOT 2- W/rong B2
LOT 3- W/rong B2
31Lhamoizingkha BranchLOT 1- L/kha B9Tashi Wangchuk-97517681526Scrap
32Dagapela BranchLOT 1- D/pela B3Ugyen Lhendup-97517570729Scrap
LOT 3- D/pela B1
33Gyelposhing BranchLOT 2- G/shing B1Pema Lhaden-97517629414Scrap
LOT 3- G/shing B3
34Dorokha BranchLOT 1- D/kha B3Pema Singye-97517705409Scrap
LOT 3- D/kha B3

The detail of items in HO, TMB, Motithang & Babesa are as follows:

SNLocationLOTNo of ItemsRemarksContact NoRemarks
35HO,TMB, Motithang & BabesaLOT 1- T/phu244LOT 1- Computer & IT Peripherals                  
LOT 2- Equipment & Machineries                  
LOT 3- Furniture & Fixtures                           
Sonam Choden-97517451571Scrap
LOT 2- T/phu26
LOT 3- T/phu40

Terms and Conditions as below:

  1. Fill the bid submission form and submit your bid with signed sealed envelope to Branch Manager of respective branch office and to Manager, Admin & Procurement Section for the assets of Branches in Thimphu and Head Office on or before 15th April, 2024, 02:00 PM and shall be opened on same day at 02:30 PM.
  2. A bid security for each Bid should be included in the form of a Bankers Cheque or SB/CD Cheque made payable to the Bank of Bhutan (EMD detailed enclosed).
  3. Bid Security amount is applicable for each bid of one or more lot for particular location. For instance, if bidder bids for one lot in Thimphu and another one or two lot in Punakha branch, it will be considered as 2 Bids and 2 bid securities will be applicable.
  4. Bid without a valid bid security shall be rejected. Bid security of unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded.
  5. The bid security shall be forfeited if the winning bidder withdraws the bid or accept the offer.
  6. Auction of goods shall be in LOT wise and not item wise. Bid quoted in item wise shall not be accepted.
  7. Payment shall be in cash/cheque and need to be made within two calendar days after issuance of letter of acceptance.
  8. The goods shall be removed by the successful bidder within two calendar days after issuance of letter of acceptance.
  9. The buyer shall be deemed to have physically inspected the assets to their full satisfaction before making their bid(s).
  10. The decision of the Disposal Committee to accept or reject the bid without assigning reason shall be final and binding.

CLICK HERE for Bid Submission Form and CLICK HERE for Details for Bid Security.

For any clarification/information, contact the official mentioned above or you may visit Admin and Procurement Section, Head office, Thimphu.