If you receive any calls (except from BoB Contact Center when you have lodged a concern with them +975 2 349903), SMS and Email asking for personal details such as Account number or ATM Card number, please do not share. Bank of Bhutan will never ask for personal details of clients. It’s all spam.

Notification on ATM Withdrawal Charge

All customers are requested to note that cash withdrawals from other bank’s ATM machines are chargeable @Nu 9/- per withdrawal transaction from the sixth transaction onwards, and is recovered at each month end. This is a common charge across banks and as mandated by the Central Bank.


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
BHUBBank of Bhutan (Thimphu) BranchBHUB9100201
BHUBBank of Bhutan (Thimphu) City BranchBHUB9100202
BHUBBank of Bhutan(Thimphu) Dzong BranchBHUB9100203
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Paro BranchBHUB9100204
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Haa BranchBHUB9100205
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Wangdue BranchBHUB9100206
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Punakha BranchBHUB9100207
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Gasa BranchBHUB9100208
BHUBBank of Bhutan(P/Ling) Main BranchBHUB9100209
BHUBBank of Bhutan(P/Ling) City BranchBHUB9100210
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Samtse BranchBHUB9100211
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Tsimasham BranchBHUB9100212
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Gelephu BranchBHUB9100213
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Sarpang BranchBHUB9100214
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Damphu BranchBHUB9100215
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Zhemgang BranchBHUB9100216
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Trongsa BranchBHUB9100217
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Dagana BranchBHUB9100218
BHUBBank of Bhutan, S/Jongkhar BranchBHUB9100219
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Deothang BranchBHUB9100220
BHUBBank of Bhutan, P/Gatsel BranchBHUB9100221
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Mongar BranchBHUB9100222
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Bumthang BranchBHUB9100223
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Trashigang BranchBHUB9100224
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Lhuntse BranchBHUB9100225
BHUBBank of Bhutan, T/Yantse BranchBHUB9100226
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Gomtu BranchBHUB9100227
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Gedu BranchBHUB9100228
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Panbang BranchBHUB9100229
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Corporate Branch, ThimphuBHUB9100230
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Nganglam BranchBHUB9100231
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Jomotshangkha BranchBHUB9100233
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Lhamiozingkha BranchBHUB9100234
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Samdrupcholing BranchBHUB9100236
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Sipsu BranchBHUB9100237
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Dagapela BranchBHUB9100238
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Babesa BranchBHUB9100240
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Changbangdu BranchBHUB9100241
BHUBMothithang BranchBHUB9100242
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Pasakha BranchBHUB9100243
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Airport Ext. OfficeBHUB9100244
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Gyelposhing Ext. OfficeBHUB9100245
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Dangdung, TrongsaBHUB9100246
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Doksum, TrashiyangtseBHUB9100247
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Chhukha ExtensionBHUB9100248
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Wamrong BranchBHUB9100249
BHUBBank of Bhutan, Dorokha BranchBHUB9100250
BHUBBabesa Ext – BranchBHUB9100251
BHUBChangbangdu Ext – BranchBHUB9100252
BHUBDechenchholing Ext-BranchBHUB9100253
BHUBPanbang Ext-BranchBHUB9100254
BHUBWamrong Ext-BranchBHUB9100255
BHUBRangjung Ext-Branch, TrashigangBHUB9100256
BHUBSipsu Ext-Branch, SamtseBHUB9100257
BHUBLhamozingkha Ext-Branch, DaganaBHUB9100258
BHUBLawakha Ext-Branch, WangdueBHUB9100259
BHUBChukha Ext-Branch, ChukhaBHUB9100260
BHUBRinchentse Ext-Branch, GeduBHUB9100261
BHUBDoksum Ext-Branch, TashiyangtseBHUB9100262
BHUBDagapela Ext-Branch, DaganaBHUB9100263
BHUBSamdrupcholing Ext-Branch, DeothangBHUB9100264


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
BDBLBDBL,Thimphu Main BranchBHDE9100601
BDBLBDBL, Thimphu BranchBHDE9100602
BDBLBDBL, Paro BranchBHDE9100604
BDBLBDBL, Haa BranchBHDE9100605
BDBLBDBL, Wangdue BranchBHDE9100606
BDBLBDBL, Punakha BranchBHDE9100607
BDBLBDBL, Gasa BranchBHDE9100608
BDBLBDBL, P/ling BranchBHDE9100609
BDBLBDBL, Samtse BranchBHDE9100611
BDBLBDBL, Chukha BranchBHDE9100612
BDBLBDBL, Gelephu BranchBHDE9100613
BDBLBDBL, Sarpang BranchBHDE9100614
BDBLBDBL, Tsirang BranchBHDE9100615
BDBLBDBL, Zhemgang BranchBHDE9100616
BDBLBDBL, Trongsa BranchBHDE9100617
BDBLBDBL, Dagana BranchBHDE9100618
BDBLBDBL, S/Jongkhar BranchBHDE9100619
BDBLBDBL, Pemagatsel BranchBHDE9100621
BDBLBDBL, Mongar BranchBHDE9100622
BDBLBDBL, Bumthang BranchBHDE9100623
BDBLBDBL, Trashigang BranchBHDE9100624
BDBLBDBL, Lhuntse BranchBHDE9100625
BDBLBDBL T/Yantse BranchBHDE9100626
BDBLBDBL, Gedu BranchBHDE9100628
BDBLBDBL, Panbang BranchBHDE9100629
BDBLBDBL, Wamrong BranchBHDE9100630
BDBLBDBL, Nganglam BranchBHDE9100631
BDBLBDBL, Dorokha BranchBHDE9100640
BDBLBDBL, Jomotshangkha BranchBHDE9100641
BDBLBDBL, Lhamoizingkha BranchBHDE9100642
BDBLBDBL, Yadi BranchBHDE9100644
BDBLBDBL, Dagapela BranchBHDE9100645
BDBLBDBL, Samdrupcholing BranchBHDE9100646
BDBLBDBL, Sibsoo BranchBHDE9100647
BDBLBDBL, Nubding BranchBHDE9100649


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
BNBTBhutan National Bank (Thimphu) Main BranchBNBT9100301
BNBTCorporate Branch,ThimphuBNBT9100302
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Paro BranchBNBT9100304
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Wangdue BranchBNBT9100306
BNBTBhutan National Bank (P/Ling) Main BranchBNBT9100309
BNBTSamtse BranchBNBT9100311
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Gelephu BranchBNBT9100313
BNBTTsirang BranchBNBT9100315
BNBTBhutan National Bank, S/Jongkhar BranchBNBT9100319
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Mongar BranchBNBT9100321
BNBTMongar BranchBNBT9100322
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Bumthang BranchBNBT9100323
BNBTBhutan National Bank, Trashigang BranchBNBT9100324
BNBTBhuan National Bank, Gomtu BranchBNBT9100327


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
DKBTDigital Kidu Main BranchDKBT9100701


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Thimphu BranchPUNB9100401
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Paro BranchPUNB9100404
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Wangdue BranchPUNB9100406
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Phuentsholing BranchPUNB9100409
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Samtse BranchPUNB9100411
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Gelephu BranchPUNB9100413
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Trongsa BranchPUNB9100417
DPNBDruk PNB Bank, Bumthang BranchPUNB9100423


BankBranch NameBFSC Code
TBBTT Bank, Thimphu BranchTBBT9100501
TBBTT Bank, Paro BranchTBBT9100504
TBBTT Bank, Wangdue BranchTBBT9100506
TBBTT Bank, Phuentsholing BranchTBBT9100509
TBBTT Bank, Samtse BranchTBBT9100511
TBBTT Bank, Gelephu BranchTBBT9100513
TBBTT Bank, Trongsa BranchTBBT9100517
TBBTT Bank, Samdrupjongkhar BranchTBBT9100519
TBBTT Bank, Mongar BranchTBBT9100521
TBBTT Bank, Tashigang BranchTBBT9100524