Fuel Card


Bank of Bhutan fuel card is a card issued to Government agencies, Corporations and any offices, to be used for fueling their office vehicles at fuel stations only.


  • Enhance convenience of fuel management process.

  • Ease of control and monitoring of fuel expenses.

  • Lessen administrative works to transport officers.

  • Eliminate human errors.

  • Efficient management information system.

  • Avoid cash advances and improve Cash flow.

  • Help the economy in reducing notes circulation thereby reducing cost of notes printing.


  • Can issue against each vehicle linked to one official account.

  • Usage is blocked for other purposes such as cash withdrawal and also at other merchant locations to prevent misuse.

  • Can be used only at fuel stations in Bhutan.

  • Card will be issued in the name of office and individual vehicle No.

  • Individual card limits can be set.

  • Validity of the Card: 5 years.


  • Current Account in the name of office.

  • Fund the account regularly.


  • One time Issuance fee : Nu.250/- per card.

  • Renewal or Replacement fee : Nu.150/- per card.

Application Process

  • Download fuel card application form.

  • Renewal or Replacement fee : Nu.150/- per card.

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