Tshongdrel Ngotshab

Appointment of Tshongdrel Ngotshab (Sales Agent), In our continuous effort to bring financial services to the doorstep, the Bank of Bhutan invites highly motivated individuals/businesses to register for appointment as BoB’s independent Sales Representative (Tshongdrel Ngotshab). This would also promote self-employment and promote in financial inclusion.
A TshondelNgotshab will be paid attractive commissions. Meet the Branch Manager at any BoB branch for details.


  • Bhutanese National with CID card.

  • Minimum age 25 years and above,

  • Good Communication skills and literate (ability to read and write)

  • A competent and self-driven individual of sound mind not declared bankrupt and not convicted for criminal offences.

  • An individual who is not classified as non-performing borrower by any banks or Financial Institutions in the last twelve (12) months preceding the date of signing the Tshongdrel Ngotshab agreement.

  • Highly self-motivated and goal driven,

  • Should possess the skill to work both in team and also perform independently,

  • Bob connect agents, business persons and Institutions are also eligible,

  • Tshongdrel Ngotshab may be employed in any organization/agency but CANNOT be an employee/agent of a Financial Institution.

Required Documents

  • Filled in Tshongdrel Ngotshab Form

  • Medical fitness Certificate – As per the checklist provided by the Bank of Bhutan

  • Security Clearance

  • Citizenship Identity Card copy

  • 2 passport size pictures

Download Forms


This is to notify all that the main responsibility of Bank of Bhutan’s Tshongdrel Ngotshab (Sales Agent) is to source applications and to answer queries pertaining to the Bank’s products and services. They will not collect any kind of Fees, Charges or Commissions from the public.
For any doubt on the identity of our Tshongdrel Ngotshab, kindly visit our website www.bob.bt or call our Toll Free No: 1095.

  • Registered Tshongdrel Ngotshab list
    • Call us on: 1095
    • Write to us at: [email protected]
    • Request Callback:+975