Consumer Loan


  1. Regular employees (Bhutanese and expatriates) of government department/ government corporation/ Joint corporation/ private companies /NGOs/ UN/ Autonomous bodies ( where employees are entitle for PF and gratuity)
  2. For Senior Regional/Dzongkhang government officials /Head of Govt. Autonomous Bodies, guarantor should be of:
  • Equivalent/ higher grade from the same ministry or Dzongkhang,
  • Next senior officer from the same regional office,
  • Other civil service,
  • Government owned Enterprise,
  • DHI owned or controlled companies except for BoBL. (List enclosed)
  1. For (expatriates) working in Government Department/ Govt. Corporation/ Joint Corporation/ Private Companies/ NGOs/ UN/ Autonomous Bodies should obtain TPG of regular Bhutanese national only working in the same department/ ministry.
  2. For contract Bhutanese employee, the guarantor must be of equivalent grade/cadre and must be Bhutanese from the same organization and can be contract or regular employees.
  3. Joint Corporation/ Listed & Pvt. Companies/NGOs/UN/Autonomous bodies/ Govt. Corporations (where employees are entitled for PF and gratuity), the guarantor can be from the same organization of equal grade or from civil service/ corporate/NGOs/UN/Autonomous bodies.
  4. All guarantors must be Bhutanese and must have PF which can be detected from their signed Pay slips.




6 months(confirmed) to 12 months 100,000/-
Above one year to 2 years 200,000/-
Above 3 years 500,000/- as per the net home take pay

Tenure: Maximum 5 years.

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