Current Deposit

Current Deposit Accounts are opened for customers who desire that the Bank should handle their transactions, collect cheques/bills, etc. on their behalf and make payments as per standing or specific instructions. Thus, the motive for opening a Current Deposit Account is not to earn interest on deposits as in the case of Savings deposit and Term Deposit, but to avoid direct cash handling, maintaining accounts, preparation of account statements and certification of balances along with other various banking services.


(a) Individuals Singly or Jointly with others;
(b) Firms – Sole Proprietorship/Partnership;
(c) Clubs, Societies, Associations;
(d) Limited Companies, Government Corporations, etc.

Documents required for opening of New Account:

An Individual
  • Two Passport Size Photographs.
  • Citizenship Identity Card/Passport photocopy.
  • An introduction by our Bank CD Account holder for the last six Months.
  • Legal Stamp is required for all the account type.
  • Rubber stamp and business licence for individual businessman.
Sole Proprietorship
  • Trade Licence Photocopy.
  • Citizenship Identity Card/Passport photocopy .
  • Letter of Authority & Photographs of the persons operating the Account.
  • Rubber stamp of the firm
  • Legal stamp
  • Introducer (who has CD account with Bank)
Clubs, Association and Societies
  • Application letter
  • Article of association
  • Certificate copies of bye-law/rules/constitution of the club
  • Board Resolution
  • 2 photos (Only for sole proprietor-esp, for Clubs)
  • ID Copy (Only for sole proprietor-esp, for Clubs)
  • Rubber stamp and
  • Legal stamp
  • Partnership Deed.
  • Trade Licence Photocopy.
  • Citizenship Identity Card/Passport photocopy of Partners.
  • Photographs of the persons operating the Account .
  • Rubber stamp of the firm
  • Legal stamp
  • Introducer (who has CD account with Bank)
Companies, Govt.,
Corporations, etc.
  • Memorandum & Article of Association.
  • Copy of Board of Directors resolution Authority of the Company to open & operate the Account.
  • Citizenship Identity Card copy (applicable only for sole proprietor)
  • Trade License
  • 2 Passport size photography (applicable only for sole proprietor)
  • Memorandum
  • Article of association
  • Board resolution
  • Rubber stamp of the company
  • Legal stamp
  • Letter of authority (Signature of authorised person who deals with bank transaction)
  • Nu.1,000/-


Dormant Account:

No charges.

Cheque Books:

To enable customers to withdraw money or make payments to third parties, the Bank supplies Cheque Book containing printed cheque leaves to customers. Cheques should be kept under lock and key and should inform bank immediately in case of theft or misplacement.

Cheque Book Charges:

The following Cheque Books charges are with effect from June 01, 2006.

Actual Cost of Cheque Book.

* For fresh accounts, the 1st and only one cheque book will be provided free.

Loss of Cheque Book:

Nu.50/- for 50 leaves and Nu. 100/- for 100 leaves.

Stop Payment:

Customers may stop the payment of blank cheques or cheques already issued by them if these are lost, misplaced, removed by theft or for any other reasons. It is our duty to ensure that the interests of our customers are safeguarded. Stop payment charge of Nu.50/- shall be levied for every stopped cheque.

Account Statement:

Nu. 5 per page is charged for the account statement, if the statement is asked for more than 3 months.

Standing Instruction(SI):

SI refer the instruction given by customers to the Bank to undertake certain transactions weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually on their behalf. No charge/additional charge will be made for noting standing instructions. Our usual charges while undertaking SI, like exchange on drafts, postage etc. would however, be recovered from the account along with the amount remitted or transferred.
For further information, please contact our nearest branch.

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