If you receive any calls (except from BoB Contact Center when you have lodged a concern with them +975 2 349903), SMS and email asking for personal details such as account number or ATM card number, please do not share. Bank of Bhutan will never ask for personal details of clients. It’s all spam.

Notification on ATM Withdrawal Charge

All customers are requested to note that cash withdrawals from other bank’s ATM machines are chargeable @Nu 9/- per withdrawal transaction from the sixth transaction onwards, and is recovered at each month end. This is a common charge across banks and as mandated by the Central Bank.

Inter-Bank Cheque Clearing or Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is an online system for interbank cheque transfer.


Customers should have a Bank account with Bank of Bhutan.


  • Customers with other Banks cheque (BNBL, TBank, BDBL, DPNB) visits BoB Branch offices.
  • Customer presents the cheque/ Bankers Cheque to the designated counter.
  • The Counter official verifies the Cheque upon which it is scanned and uploaded in the CTS.


If the cheque is deposited before 11.30 am on Weekdays, it will be credited the next working day.


aPresentment of chequeNo charge
b Cheque returned for insufficient funds Nu. 300 plus 10% of the cheque value Nu. 300 plus  10 %  of  the cheque value if the same cheque is presented for  the  second  time  within  six (6) months from the date of issue of the cheque. Nu. 500 plus 10%of the cheque value if the same cheque is presented for the third time within six(6) months from  the date of  issue. The cheque facility for the account holder shall  be disabled after third offence by the bank for three (3) years.