Festival Loan

Don’t miss out on the fun and frolic of festivals. Opt for BoB Festival Loan to shop for clothes, gifts, sweets and groceries. Bring back the cheer and celebrate in style.


  • Government/Corporate/Private Sector employees with 2 years of minimum PF of confirmed services

  • Self employed person who can show adequate proof of income


Nu. 100,000/- subject to 30% take home pay whichever is lower.

Interest Rate


5 years maximum

Required Documents

  • Application form duly filled by the applicant

  • Proof of income tax and source of income

  • One recent passport size photograph of the applicant

  • CID copy for both the applicant and guarantor

  • An irrevocable letter of authority from the applicant to his employer for deduction of monthly loan installment from salary

  • Latest Pay Slip of the applicant(s) and guarantor dully filled, signed, and sealed by salary disbursing officer & recommendations

  • An irrevocable letter of authority from the employer to deduct the monthly loan installment from salary of applicant and remit to bank

  • Appointment order for both applicant and guarantor

  • Declaration form must be signed and attached along with the application form

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  • Write to us at: [email protected]
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