Gold Loan

When you need money in an emergency or when opportunity knocks, gold that you have can come in handy. Get an instant loan by depositing gold jewellery, coins or biscuits. You can take back your gold once you liquidate the loan.


Bhutanese citizens with repayment capacity.


60% of the total gold value.

Interest Rate


2 years maximum.

Required Documents

  • Application form dully filled

  • One recent passport size photograph of the applicant

  • CID copy of the applicant

  • Latest Pay Slip dully filled, signed, and sealed by salary disbursing officer if repayment is tied to salary

  • An irrevocable letter of authority from the employer to deduct the monthly loan instalment from salary of applicant and remit to bank

  • Submit BIT if repayment is serviced from Business income

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  • Write to us at: [email protected]
  • Request Callback:+975