International Banking

Use foreign transactions to get access to easy money exchange, transfer at a competitive rate, we offer you a hassle-free Forex solution for your International Travel and Remittance inside and outside Bhutan.

The Bank operates as an authorized dealer of foreign exchange in Bhutan. The following currencies are the authorized/traded currency in our country.

  • U.S. Dollar

  • Pound Sterling

  • Euro

  • Japanese Yen

  • Swiss Franc

  • Hong Kong Dollar

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Australian Dollar

  • Danish Kroner

  • Singapore Dollar

Foreign exchange services

We also provide various other Foreign exchange services like:

  • Encashment and sale of foreign currency notes of specified authorized currencies

  • Encashment of Foreign Currency Travellers’ Cheques

  • Issue and payment of foreign currency Drafts, Wire transfers and Electronic transfer via Swift wire transfer

  • Purchase/negotiation/collection of personal cheques, bills, etc expressed in foreign currency

  • Establishment of Foreign Currency import documentary Letters of Credit

  • Maintenance of Foreign Currency Accounts in U.S. Dollars and Euro and other authorized currency

  • Purchase/negotiation/collection of export foreign currency documents under documentary Letters of Credit

  • Inward Remittances via Swift wire transfer, Xpress Money etc

For further information, please contact our nearest branch.