If you receive any calls (except from BoB Contact Center when you have lodged a concern with them +975 2 349903), SMS and Email asking for personal details such as Account number or ATM Card number, please do not share. Bank of Bhutan will never ask for personal details of clients. It’s all spam.

Notification on ATM Withdrawal Charge

All customers are requested to note that cash withdrawals from other bank’s ATM machines are chargeable @Nu 9/- per withdrawal transaction from the sixth transaction onwards, and is recovered at each month end. This is a common charge across banks and as mandated by the Central Bank.

Experience a world of benefits as you travel anywhere around the world with the BoB Visa International Debit Card. Enjoy the convenience of cashless travelling with smart payment and solutions.


All Savings Bank Account holders with BoB are eligible to avail the Visa International Debit Card Facility as per the mode of operation given below:

  • Individual
  • Either or Survivor (E or S)

Note: Thumb Impression/Joint Signatories account holders are NOT ELIGIBLE for the Visa International Debit Card.


  • Card is valid outside Bhutan, India & Nepal only
  • Can be used at any ATM Terminal connected to Visa Network for Cash Withdrawal & Balance Inquiry
  • Can be used at any POS Terminal connected to Visa Network for the purchase of goods and services
  • Operates in electronic environment and cannot be used in manual imprinter machine
  • A Cardholder can use the Card up to the balance in his/her bank account subject to a permissible US$ limit set for the card per annum i.e. equivalent to US$.1000/- plus amount of Annual Travel Scheme applied on Card
  • The transaction amount will be debited to the Cardholder’s bank account/account maintained linking to Card in real time of transaction

Note: To avail ATS on Card, you need to provide valid passport copy and confirmed air ticket to Third Countries


Visa International Debit CardNu.
VISA Debit Card Issuance Fee (New Customers)300/-
Card Replacement Fee300/-
PIN Regeneration Fee100/-
Renewal Fee on Expiry of the Validity200/-


Visa International Debit CardVisa Network Terminals
Yearly LimitUSD 1,000 + ATS (if ATS is added)

* Annual Travel Scheme permissible for each individual under RMA Regulation and is applicable against BoB Visa International Debit Card.


Visa International Debit CardVisa Network Terminals
ATM (in Nu.)POS (in Nu.)
Balance Enquiry 20/- Free
Cash Withdrawal/Purchase 125/- Free

For further information, please email to [email protected] or contact your nearest branch offices during office hours or call BoB’s Helpline +975 2 349903 or Toll Free 1095 (within Bhutan) between 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM


ATS limit is USD 3,000 per year.

Information Needed:

  • How much USD limit to be added on the card? For credit card shall depend on your permissible/sanctioned card limit
  • Mention card type i.e., debit/credit card or card number but card number should be masked e.g. ‘461125XXXXXX1234’ or ‘488913XXXXXX1234’

Document Required:

  • Copy of passport
  • Valid air ticket/s from Bhutan to third country

(Excluded countries are Nepal & India as international card does not work in those countries)
Email the detail and documents to [email protected]


  • ATS request on card post departure shall not be accepted
  • ATS shall be added only on the card issued under your name and upon validation of the above information
  • Unused ATS shall not be carried forward next year