POS Acquiring

Bank of Bhutan Ltd. Started acquiring International Visa, MasterCard and MaestroCard through electronic data capture machines at POS at Merchant locations like Hotels, Handicrafts Shops, Groceries, etc in 2010 and JCB Cards starting September 2016.

Bank of Bhutan Limited became a member of the RMA-Bhutan Financial Switch in 2012 and started acquiring domestic bank cards.

About 500 Merchants across Bhutan have installed our POS EDC terminals and processed more than 50000 transactions worth over Nu.600 million in 2016 alone. (Find our merchants location here. Pos Merchants Location)

Cards Accepted

Our POS terminal accepts the following Cards:

  • VISA Cards
  • MasterCard & Maestro Cards
  • JCB Cards
  • All Domestic Bank Cards
We Accept