Fixed Deposit

Avail Fixed Deposit scheme with Bank of Bhutan and obtain a very competitive interest rate on your principal amount. At the end of the tenure of the deposit, the customer has the option to rollover both principal and interest for the existing tenure.


Fixed Deposit Account can be opened by:

  • Any person, having any type of accounts with the Bank, can make a Fixed Deposit

  • The Fixed Deposit may also be made for or on behalf of minors under the guardianship of their natural/court appointed guardians


  • The interest payout frequency can be either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or on maturity

Required Documents

Eligibility Documents required
1. Individual Account
  • Photocopy of a valid Passport / Citizenship ID Card

  • Two Passport sized photographs

  • Legal stamp

2. Non-National Individual
  • Work Permit copy

  • Passport copy

  • Legal stamp

  • Two Passport sized photographs

3. Minor Account
  • Photocopy of a valid passport/Citizenship ID Card of parents or guardian

  • Two Passport sized photographs of the guardian

  • Minor’s Health Card

4. Institutions/Companies
  • Copy of resolution authorizing FD account

  • Name, Address & Specimen signatures of authorized person operating the account

  • A written letter of request to issue FD account

  • Legal stamp, Rubber stamp and Trade License is required to open account for any institution or company

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