If you receive any calls (except from BoB Contact Center when you have lodged a concern with them +975 2 349903), SMS and Email asking for personal details such as Account number or ATM Card number, please do not share. Bank of Bhutan will never ask for personal details of clients. It’s all spam.

Notification on ATM Withdrawal Charge

All customers are requested to note that cash withdrawals from other bank’s ATM machines are chargeable @Nu 9/- per withdrawal transaction from the sixth transaction onwards, and is recovered at each month end. This is a common charge across banks and as mandated by the Central Bank.

FAQ on BoBit

What is BoBit?

BoBit is a money transferring platform for Non-Residential Bhutanese (NRB) residing exclusively in Australia. It is facilitated by the Bank of Bhutan in partnership with FLEXEWALLET PTY LIMITED, a company incorporated in Australia.

Who is eligible to use BoBit?

Only Bhutanese citizens residing in Australia are eligible to use BoBit.

What are document required for BoBit registration?

  • Passport
  • Proof of Address (POA): it is a supporting document that verifies the address you provided in your BoBit profile. POA can be either a payslip, utility bill, phone bill, balance confirmation, or a driving license (front and back). On those POA name and address of sender should be mentioned. And document should be no older than 90 days prior to transaction date.
  • Additional document (when remitting funds of over AUD 5000) Bank statement no older than 90 days prior to transaction date. (Must be a full copy of the bank statement with no pages missing)

What is the limit per transaction or in a day through BoBit?

The transaction amount limit through BoBit per transaction or in a day is AUD 20,000. This means you can initiate multiple transactions, but the total amount limit is AUD 20,000.

Why is a bank statement required for a transaction amount more than AUD 5000?

A bank statement is required for transactions exceeding AUD 5000 due to strict anti-money laundering rules and regulations in Australia.

Why is a bank statement required when the amount deposited in BoB nostro account is less than AUD 5000?

A bank statement is required when the amount deposited in the BoB nostro account is less than AUD 5000. This ensures compliance, as customers might mistakenly initiate multiple transactions exceeding AUD 5000 where a bank statement is necessary.

How to upload documents in BoBit profile?

To upload your documents on BoBit after creating your profile, visit Once the BoBit screen opens, log in with your Google account by clicking ‘Continue with Google.’ After logging in, locate three horizontal lines at the top right corner, click on them, and select ‘Profile.’ Review the details you provided, and if there are any errors, correct them here.

Suppose you need to upload your bank statement due to transactions exceeding AUD 5000. Click on ‘UPLOAD DOCUMENTS.’ Initially, upload your passport to proceed with supporting documents. After uploading your passport, you’ll find the option to upload supporting documents. Choose ‘Others,’ provide document details (e.g., document name), and upload. If you have multiple bank statements, you can upload them simultaneously by submitting the first one and then selecting the next statement to submit.

When is the amount refunded back?

The amount is refunded in the following situations:

  • Mismatch between transaction amount and amount deposited in BoB account.
  • Providing an invalid receiver account.
  • Third-party transaction involved in your bank statement when the transaction amount is more than AUD 5000.
  • Failure to provide or upload requested details such as a passport or other documents.
  • Upon customer request.

How much time does it take to process a transaction through BoBit?

The processing time depends on the documents and details provided. If provided as per BoBit requirements, the amount is typically deposited within one or two working days. For transactions over AUD 5000, approval from the compliance team may be required.

For example, if the transaction amount is more than AUD 5000 and you have uploaded your bank statement covering the full transaction, is there a possibility for approval once it’s uploaded?

Approval depends on the absence of third-party transactions in your bank statement. If no third-party funds are involved, approval occurs within one to two working days; otherwise, the transaction will not be approved, and the amount will be refunded.

Is there any possibility for transaction approval when the amount is deposited in the BoB account first, and the transaction is initiated after the amount is being deposited?

No, under such situations, the transaction amount will be refunded, as the first transaction should be initiated before depositing the transaction amount.

While logging into BoBit, sometimes you have to provide your details again, and when you try to provide, it shows there is a customer using the same credentials. How to proceed in such a situation?

Instead of logging in, click on ‘Sign In’ and choose “Continue with Google.” This allows you to proceed with your transaction without re-entering your details.

When does the transaction status remain under review and master review status?

Transaction status remains under review and master review status under the following situations:

  • Failure to upload a passport and proof of address.
  • Providing incorrect details such as DOB, passport expiry date, issue date, and invalid address details.
  • Mismatch in the address provided in the BoBit profile and the proof of address document.
  • No name and address mentioned in the proof of address document.
  • Expired passport, and the proof of address document is not within 90 days from the transaction initiation date.
  • Improper receiver address is provided.
  • Transaction amount exceeds AUD 5000 in a day.

When the transaction status is cancelled, does it mean that the amount will be refunded?

No, when the transaction status is cancelled, it does not mean your amount will be refunded or the transaction will not proceed. Under such situations, your transaction can be reinstated, but you need to upload your details and documents as per the focal.