Personal Banking

Welcome to the Bank of Bhutan Limited Personal Banking Schemes.

Savings Bank Account

Savings Bank Account encourages savings habit and thrift among individuals, housewives, family members or businessmen, etc. It also offers interest advantage at the rate of 5% per annum.

Current Deposit Account

Current Deposit Accounts facilitate execution of banking services (such as collecting cheques/bills and making payments to third parties) and any other standing or specific order for and on behalf of clients. Thus, the motive for opening a Current Deposit Account is not to earn interest on deposits as in the case of Savings Deposit and Term Deposit, but to avoid direct cash handling and to utilized various bank services. Therefore, no interest is paid on Current Account deposits.

Recurring Deposit (Term Deposit)

This scheme is aimed at providing a depositor with an opportunity to build up his/her savings through regular deposits of fixed sums over a fixed period of time along with interest income.

Fixed Deposits (Term Deposit)

A fixed deposit receipt represents funds deposited with the Bank for a fixed period, specified in advance, interest on which is payable at the rate appropriate to the period for which the deposit has been made. Such deposits are repayable on the expiry of the period specified by the depositor.

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Foreign Exchange Rate
Note Buy Sell
US Dollar 65.90 68.05
Pound 82.20 84.50
Euro 70.00 71.95
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Swiss Franc 65.70 67.55
Hongkong Dollar 8.50 8.75
Canadian Dollar 50.30 51.75
Australian Dollar 50.55 51.95
Singapore Dollar 46.45 47.80
Danish Kroner 9.40 9.70
Norwegian Kroner 7.90 8.15
Swedish Kroner 7.40 7.60
      Exchange Rate for  21.02.2017  to 24.02.2017 (kindly note that the above mention rates are only for notes)
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